You may be required to work with electricity, especially if you work a maintenance job. However, this can sometimes expose you to the risk of being electrocuted. If this is the case, tell your employer immediately. You may be able to receive compensation under a workers' compensation program.

Will My Employer Have Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Workers' compensation insurance must be carried by all employers. When an employee is injured, the workers' compensation insurance provider will compensate them for their injuries, regardless of who might be at fault. However, you might still find yourself with a fight on your hands since the workers' compensation insurance provider will likely try to minimize your compensation.

Why do Electrocution Accidents Occur in Water?

You might find yourself standing in a little bit of water or there might be a leak somewhere nearby. The water might then become energized with electricity. Coming into contact with water that is energized is one of the most common causes of electrocution accidents. 

One of the reasons why electrocution can be so dangerous in the water is that it might not be obvious right away that the water is dangerous. You might feel a tingling sensation at first but the energized water might eventually lead to full paralysis. In addition to the burns resulting from electrocution, you may be at risk of drowning.

What are Other Causes of Electrical Accidents?

When you have installed equipment that is unsafe to use, this might lead to an electrical accident. You might not have been trained on how to use the equipment safely either. However, even if you made a mistake yourself, and this lead to you becoming electrocuted, you would still be entitled to compensation because workers' compensation is a no-fault system. You will only need to prove that your injuries occurred at work.

What Could Go Wrong?

If the insurance provider is skeptical that you were injured while at work, you will need more help from your physician and from a workers' compensation attorney. After your claim has been denied, you should immediately speak with your attorney about the reason for why your claim was denied and the steps you can take to solve this problem.

Your physician can give their opinion on whether your injuries are directly related to your electrocution accident. Your attorney will also look for other forms of evidence that you suffered this injury by interviewing witnesses and by reconstructing the scene of the accident.