Many elderly Americans live in nursing homes. Most people take their loved ones to nursing homes to get care and compassion. Examples of services offered include dressing, bathing, feeding, and professional care. There's also hospice care, end-of-life care, and respite care. Sadly, despite the advantages of these centers, your loved ones are prone to physical and mental abuse. If your loved one experiences any form of abuse, you can seek the support of a nursing home abuse lawyer. 

Here is why you need a nursing home abuse lawyer.

They Make the Nursing Home Accountable

Nursing homes are bound by the law to ensure their residents are free from any form of abuse, be it involuntary isolation, punishment, mental, physical, verbal, or sexual. If you suspect your loved one is undergoing any form of abuse, you can seek legal consultation from a nursing home attorney who will file an abuse claim and hold the center accountable for its action.

They Facilitate Awarding of Damages

Quite often, minor cases don't go to full trial as an arbitration process can help settle the matter amicably. However, it's essential to involve a nursing home attorney to navigate the legal process. Both parties can argue their cases, and the affected are given a chance to explain how the abuse occurred. The nursing home can award financial compensation for the abuse, and the staff involved reprimanded. It's also a good opportunity for the nursing home to review its policies concerning how they handle the residents to prevent such an occurrence in the future. If both parties disagree on a suitable settlement, your lawyer can refer the matter for a full trial. The trial judge or jury can decide on the case's outcome and the amount of compensation awarded to the aggrieved party. 

They Understand the Law

Nursing home lawyers are well versed in state or federal laws. They understand every aspect of the national nursing home laws and file lawsuits based on what the laws say. Attorneys representing the parties table their evidence, and when a verdict is reached, it can have dire consequences on the future of the nursing home. 

The law offers your loved ones a chance to fight in case of abuse at a nursing home. Contact a nursing home abuse lawyer and enjoy the above benefits. For more information about nursing home abuse law, contact a firm like Bradley Drendel & Jeanney.