When you have a child that has special needs, there are obstacles that you will find and things that you need to plan for that other parents may not. If you have been worrying about what would happen to your child if something happened to you, and if they would be cared for properly, there are some things that you should sit down with a lawyer and discuss. A legal professional can help you to create a will, a plan for your estate, and the potential care needed for your child. Here are some of the things that you'll have to be ready to discuss.

Future Financial Care Needs

There are many different financial needs your child may need if something happened to you, even if this happened when your child was a teen or even an adult. You will have to take the following things into consideration:

  • Cost for a care provider
  • Educational or therapy expenses
  • Cost of living, like housing, food and basic living needs
  • Medical insurance expenses
  • Your own final arrangement costs

You will want to know that your child will be getting the care that they were getting when you were alive. You will have to plan for this when obtaining life insurance. You may also want to have money put into a trust.

Responsible Family, Friends or Professionals

Choosing someone that will be responsible for taking care of your child if something happened can be difficult, and relationships with friends and families can change over time. You and your lawyer or a company like Life's Plan Inc will have to find someone that will be the executor of your will, and also someone that will be chosen to help care for your child if they are a minor when something happens.

You will want to consent to custody for that person. In addition, you will want to leave the funds to help ensure that your child is cared for financially and that it isn't a strain on the new caregiver. You also want to talk with your lawyer about paying advanced fees to have the legal firm check in on your child's health and general wellbeing.

Your lawyer will be able to help you plan for things that you may not even think about and to make sure that if something happens to you both your child and your estate are covered. Talk with the lawyer right away to make sure that you have a plan.