The mechanic field can be a highly competitive one in which younger employees playfully compete against older ones. However, you were recently fired as a mechanic for doing something that wouldn't have been an issue if done by a younger employee. Is this age discrimination?

Mechanic Shops May Fire Older Workers

At your mechanic shop, you notice that older workers like you – such as those 50 or older – tend to get fired for actions for which younger employees are forgiven. For example, you accidentally lifted an engine too far out of a vehicle during a routine examination and were fired because a small bolt – worth very little money – snapped.

Even if this scenario isn't exactly what led to you getting fired, you know younger employees who did the same thing and who still have a job. What is happening here? Was your mistake really that bad or are you victim of age discrimination by an employer who simply wants you gone?

Age Discrimination is Against the Law

If you are a capable mechanic who still does a great job working on vehicles, being fired can be a really exasperating situation. You've examined the scenario from every angle and can only come to the conclusion that you were fired only because of your age. This situation is called age discrimination and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) has forbid this kind of behavior.

Therefore, if you can prove that you were discriminated against and fired because your shop owner believed you were too old, you can receive compensation. However, this kind of case can be a struggle to do on your own because of the unique challenges required in gathering appropriate evidence.

Evidence Necessary to Win a Case

Proving age discrimination is often a hard task in any workplace. For example, you'll need to prove that an employer said negative things about your age or harassed you based on your age. Instances of this in a mechanic workplace include being told your "eyes are too old" to make delicate adjustments to an engine or a vehicle.

This type of evidence may be a struggle to gather because many companies are smarter about what kind of things that they say in front of their employees. For example, co-workers and managers may talk about you behind your back and say you're too old to be a mechanic but never say anything directly to you.

As a result, you are going to need some help to win this type of case. Thankfully, an age-discrimination attorney can provide this help at a reasonable price. So don't hesitate to reach out to one of these professionals to get the compensation that you deserve for losing your job due to your age.