A probate lawyer is one of the best tools to have at your disposal if you have been chosen to be the executor of an individual's will or if you are the beneficiary of someone's estate, mostly because the probate lawyer can ensure that everything is done correctly when it comes to distributing all of the assets. Listed below are two of the many reasons to work with a probate lawyer.

They Can Ensure That All Required Debts Are Paid Correctly

The most important task that many probate lawyers can help you with is ensuring that all the required debts are paid correctly by the estate. For example, the probate lawyer can look at the various types of debts that were left behind by the estate and ensure that not only are the required debts paid but that they will be paid in the right order.

This is important because there can be a number of fines and penalties that can be assessed if you paid the wrong debt before someone who held a higher priority debt or if you begin paying other debts before paying the estate taxes. However, determining who has priority over who when it comes to paying these debts can be extremely tricky as they can vary quite a bit depending on your area, so it is always best to consult with a probate lawyer to see what the laws in your particular area dictate.

They Can Help Review A Will

Finally, it is a good idea to work with a probate lawyer because they can help review a will if you have any concerns about the way the assets were distributed. This is very important if you believe that the individual that passed away signed a will that was written under duress or against their own best interests. This is vital if it appears that the will was written by an elderly individual that may have been suffering from dementia or may not have been in their right mind and who chose to write or revise a will to include a relative stranger into it or to give all of the assets to one or two people that may have had access to the individual while he or she was vulnerable.

In the event that the will is considered to be suspect, the probate lawyer can investigate the situation. If this proves to be true, the probate lawyer can actually freeze the distribution of the assets until the overall situation is resolved.

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