A wrong-way accident can be devastating because it is likely to be a head-on accident at full or near full speed. If you are constantly on the road, it's possible that you will at one time meet a wrong-way driver. The following precautions should help you avoid accidents in such scenarios:

Use the Right Lane if Possible

A wrong-way accident is more likely to occur on the left lane than the right lane. There are several possible theories for this. One of them is that when drivers are turned around the highway, they choose the side that most resembles a conventional two-way road and this places the opposing traffic on the driver's left. Many wrong-way drivers also believe that their right side is the slow lane while indeed it is the true fast lane. Staying in the right lane also helps you to avoid wrong-way drivers who accidentally find themselves on the wrong way after crossing the center line. Therefore, use the right lane as much as possible to reduce your risk of a wrong-way crash.

Scan the Road Ahead While Driving

The sooner you realize that there is a wrong-way driver headed your way the more you will be able to avoid a crash. Therefore, maintain a constant awareness of your surrounding whenever you are behind the wheel. Specifically, you should make it a point to look beyond the first few cars (this is what most drivers usually do) and scan the road ahead as much as possible. Also, don't restrict your scanning to your side of the road only; scan the entire width of the road. That will help you to identify wrong-way drivers early enough to take evasive actions and avoid a crash.

Be Aware of High-Risk Areas

Lastly, you should also be extra careful around high-risk areas. There are sections of the road that are more likely to contain wrong-way drivers than others; here are some examples of such high-risk areas:

  • One way streets – some people drive the wrong way in such streets to take shortcuts to their destinations
  • Areas around highway exists or entrance ramps – exiting or entering a highway is a common cause of confusion for drivers; this can easily lead to wrong way driving
  • Areas around bars and nightclubs – intoxication can easily impair a driver's judgment and make them take a wrong way

Driving the wrong way is pretty negligent, but you will still need to prove that this was the case if you are hurt in a crash with a wrong way driver. You may also need to prove that you didn't contribute to the crash to succeed with your injury claim. For more information, contact a local attorney, such as Carl L. Britt, Jr.