The United States is a sports loving nation. During the fall, you will find millions of people glued to their televisions watching football and baseball. A few lucky people get to attend these events in person. Although these excursions are usually safe, enjoyable trips, occasionally someone is injured in the stands. If you do suffer harm while you are at a sporting event, you may have recourse through the courts. 

Possible Injuries

The list of possible injuries is a long one. Anytime you are sandwiched between many people in close quarters, you could easily be hurt by a crowd surge or even someone dropping an item from higher in the stadium. You can slip and fall while in attendance, or you could even be badly injured by a foul ball or a football toss into the stands. These things can happen at a high school event as well. If you are injured through no fault of your own, you need to consult with a personal injury lawyer to see if you have a case.


When was the last time you actually read the fine print on your ticket? Well, get out a magnifying glass and take a peak. In many cases, buying a ticket means you are waiving liability for injuries that you receive during the event. In some cases, these waivers may stand up in court, while they may be overturned in others. For instance, if you are knocked out by a foul ball during the World Series, you probably will not have a case. When you entered the stadium, you knew that you risked being hit by a ball. Unless the venue and/or team management can be found negligent, you are most likely out of luck. 


Successfully pursuing a lawsuit against a team or facility would mean proving that they were negligent. For instance, if a player dove into the crowd and injured you as a result, they might be held liable. Also, if the stadium had a defective bleacher or an area that was poorly maintained, you might have a case if you suffered an injury. Of course, if you are injured by another spectator, your lawsuit would be directed at that person. 

Sporting events are generally exciting and great recreational events. On occasion, you can be hurt at these games. If you are injured, consult with a respected personal injury lawyer to explore your options. You may be entitled to monetary compensation.