It's a tough to make the decision to file for a divorce. If you are a stay-at-home parent and your spouse is the one that makes all the money, some careful preparation before you ask for a divorce can help you in the short term. While you may want to say something right away once you make the decision, giving yourself time to save up some cash and find a reputable attorney will make the whole divorce process easier for you. When you have been the one raising the kids and not working, finding a way to have a financial cushion will allow you  to move forward with your life.

Your Ex Doesn't Have to Play Fair

When you ask for a divorce, your ex doesn't have to play fair. It's possible that they will take money out of your joint bank accounts, leaving you with nothing to live on until you begin working or receive support. While eventually your ex will have to give you the money that is rightfully yours, this isn't going to help you in the short term. If you don't trust your ex, save up some cash before asking for a divorce.

Find an Attorney to Consult With

While it is an emotional decision to file for a divorce, you have to try and stay practical to get what you deserve out of your marriage. If you are worried that your divorce is going to go poorly, consult with an attorney before you file. An attorney will help you decide what you should ask for in your divorce proceedings, help you develop a custody plan, and file the formal paperwork in court to start the divorce.

Get the Support You Will Need

Whether it's a close friend or family member, confide in a someone close to you that you are planning to file for divorce. This is a hard process, and you will need a support network. Even if a divorce goes smoothly, it is still hard to manage all of the turmoil that comes with going through with a divorce.

Find a Job

When you have been the stay-at-home parent for a number of years, it's important to find a way to support yourself the moment you ask for a divorce. Whether you find a job or you begin school and live on student loans, you have to find a way to be financially independent so that you can move on easier.

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