Were you prescribed a birth control option by your gynecologist and now you can't get pregnant and you think the medication was the problem? If so, you'll want to call a specialist and you'll want to seek help from an attorney.

You trusted your gynecologist to make the best decision when guiding you to make the best decision to prevent pregnancy until it was something that you wanted to experience; you shouldn't have to pay for a lifetime because of this trust. Here are items you need during your consult.

Birth Control Prescription

You need to have detailed information about what you were prescribed and how you were taking it. Compile the following for your lawyer:

  • Copy of the prescription with dosage and exact brand
  • Date when you started taking the medication and time you stopped
  • Noted side affects you had when taking the medication
  • Side effects discussed with you about the medication

You want to write down the discussions you had with your doctor, go over what he or she told you, and why you thought you'd be safe taking the medication.

Infertility Information

Bring all of the medical records you have from your appointments that have been about trying to get pregnant. If you can show that you have been trying for months or years, that you have problems related to taking the type of birth control that you were using, and the explanation from another licensed medical professional that states the birth control could be the problem, you have the information your lawyer needs to put the case together.

Specialist Diagnosis

See an infertility specialist so that you can start to narrow down why you aren't getting pregnant and to get more information about the damages that the birth control you used could have done. Your lawyer may have special documents they need the specialist to fill out or may want to have their own consult with the specialist.

If the birth control was the problem, you could have a case against the medical professional that prescribed it and encouraged that you take it, and a case against the drug company. Your lawyer will go over all the information that you provided to let you know what type of settlement you can go for, what amount you can expect to get, and how long it should take to get the case started and to get the evidence in front of a judge. 

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