A DUI arrest can have impact your life in a number of ways. The impact it has depends largely on your state's laws and whether or not this is your first time being arrested for this offense. To help you prepare for what comes next, here are some commonly asked questions and what you need to know. 

Do You Have to Go to Jail?

Whether or not you will be sentenced to jail time if convicted of the DUI depends largely on the circumstances of the case. For instance, if this is your first time being arrested for DUI, your state's laws likely do not require jail. However, if you have been previously arrested for a DUI charge, it is probable that your punishment includes jail time. 

Even if it is your first time being charged with a DUI, if someone was injured as a result of your intoxication, chances are, you are facing jail time. How much depends on your state's laws and the extent of the injuries involved. 

Do You Automatically Lose Your License?

In most states, regardless of whether or not it is your first DUI charge, you can temporarily lose your license. In 42 states, law enforcement officials have the right to confiscate your license for a period of time. The period of time varies by state. For instance, in Alabama, the suspension lasts 90 days. In New Hampshire, you can lose it for six months. 

In addition to losing your license, you could also be forced to install an ignition interlock device in your car. The device requires you to breathe into it before your ignition is unlocked. If alcohol is detected, you will be unable to drive your car. As of January 2016, every state has the device as an option is certain situations. 

Will a Felony Be Added to Your Record?

If this is your first time facing a DUI charge, the prosecutor might leave the charge at a misdemeanor. In some instances, completing special requirements, such as completing alcohol counseling, can result in the misdemeanor not being recorded as a conviction. 

However, if someone was hurt because of your intoxication, you could be facing a felony conviction. You can also be charged with a felony if you have been previously charged with a DUI.

An attorney like those at the Hart Law Offices, PC with experience handling DUI cases can help you determine the other effects that being charged can have on your future. He or she can also help you explore options available to lessen those effects.