Normally, if you cause a car accident, you will be held liable. However, there are some complications that can lead to you having an excuse for causing the accident, such as having a medical emergency. If you can demonstrate that a medical emergency you could not control was responsible for the accident, you may be able to avoid liability for your accident.

Talk To Your Insurance Provider And See A Doctor

After the accident, you will want to immediately contact your car insurance company. You will also want to see a physician promptly to discuss the medical emergency that caused your car accident. Your medical tests and the physician's evaluation of you will be used as evidence that you had a sudden medical emergency.

Determine If Your Medical Emergency Was Foreseeable

If you are impaired because you consumed alcohol before driving, not only will you be responsible for the accident, but you may face further criminal penalties for driving under the influence. But when the impairment was caused by a problem that was beyond your control, you may not be found liable at all.

The medical emergency will need to have been established as being sudden. You will need to have not had enough time to correct the medical emergency or pull-over. If you had a medical emergency, but simply continued to drive and this lead to a car accident, you would be held responsible for the accident. If you have not previously had the medical emergency, you will be even better able to demonstrate that you couldn't have predicted the medical emergency. Conversely, if you are a diabetic, you did not eat all day and your low blood sugar level causes you to pass out, you may be held liable for engaging in reckless behavior that caused the accident.

Prove That You Were Not At Fault

Even if you manage to persuade the judge that you had a medical emergency, you would not necessarily be found not liable of the accident. The judge may believe that you had a medical emergency, but not believe that this emergency was sufficient to cause the accident. For this reason, you must work with a car accident attorney who will be able to effectively establish a clear connection between your medical emergency and the accident. Contact local attorneys, such as at, for more information.

If you are found not guilty, it will be considered unfair to have you or your insurance company pay for the damages suffered by the other motorist. Your own damages will be paid for by your car insurance company.