A workers' compensation attorney is an attorney who specializes in helping people get compensation when those people have been injured at the workplace or while doing their jobs. An attorney can help you with your claim by strengthening your case as much as possible and making sure that you do not face retaliation from your employer.

Strengthen Your Case

The most important part of filing a workers' compensation claim is making sure that you have all of the supporting evidence and documentation in hand to make it perfectly clear to the state and your employer that your injuries were sustained on the job. An attorney can help with this process by interviewing your co-workers and taking written statements from eyewitnesses so that he or she can refute any claims from your employer or their insurance company that your injuries did not occur at the workplace or while working.

Another way that your attorney can help you is by sending you to multiple doctors. The point of this is to get as many expert opinions as possible on the severity of your injury. This is a very important step because your employer may demand that you see a doctor of his or her choosing, which can lead to you going to a doctor that will play down your injuries so that your employer does not have to pay as much for your claim.

It is especially important to see multiple doctors and to get multiple opinions if you will be impaired for the rest of your life due to a workplace injury. In many cases, an employer and his or her insurance company will fight as hard as possible to reject claims of lifelong impairment of injuries because of the amount of money that it will cost them.

Protection From Your Employer

An attorney can also provide you with some protection from your employer once the claim has been filed. In some cases, an employer will often attempt to get a bit of revenge on an employee because he or she filed a claim, which is very illegal. In many cases, this retaliation can take the form of demotion, transfer to a less desirable job, pay cuts, termination, or fewer hours.

If you feel like your employer is retaliating because of your claim, your lawyer can take your employer to court and get you compensation. In addition, the court can impose stiff fines and penalties on your employer. If you are terminated, your attorney can also help you sue for wrongful termination. 

Speak to a workers' compensation attorney (such as one from Ransom, Gilbertson, Martin & Ratliff, L.L.P) today to discuss your injuries and the overall strength of your case. An attorney can provide a measure of protection from retaliation, while also strengthening your claim so that you are more likely to win your case.