No one goes in to a marriage expecting it to end, but if you find yourself in a situation where your differences are irreconcilable, you need to figure out an exit strategy that will protect your interests. Unfortunately, people who are going through a divorce may never have been in that position before and, as such, have a poor understanding of the process.

Below, you'll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to ask your divorce lawyer. Having the answers to these questions can help make sure that your interests remain protected, allowing you to complete your divorce as painlessly as possible while guaranteeing that your future is secured.

Ask About Direct Negotiations

At its core, divorce is a business negotiation. The severing of a contract means that the two parties have to come to an equitable agreement about the best way to divide property, and it's possible that relying solely on your attorneys to do so will make the process more acrimonious as well as more expensive.

If the relationship between you and your spouse is still cordial, you may be able to negotiate directly over some items. Make sure that you ask your lawyer about the things you should and shouldn't be willing to negotiate over, as you want to be sure not to put yourself in a situation where you accidentally threaten your own interests.

Ask About Outside Experts

If your situation is more combative, it's possible that the other party will be working hard to obfuscate the truth. In those situations, it may be necessary to conduct examinations that range from forensic accounting to mental health screenings and everything in between.

Ask your lawyer if he or she believes that hiring an outside expert will be a necessary part of completing your divorce. Knowing what to expect will help guarantee that you're not frustrated by the additional costs or probing questioning, allowing the process to be completed much more smoothly.

Ask About A Communication Plan

Waiting on a divorce to be finalized can hold up your life significantly, and many people find themselves easily frustrated by what they perceive as inaction on the part of their attorney. The reality of the situation is that the wheels of justice tend to move slowly, so rather than allowing that frustration to build, you should be looking for ways to alleviate it. Setting up regular communication, such as a weekly conference call, will guarantee that you feel in the loop and less frustrated as your divorce proceeds.

For more information, talk to a divorce attorney (like those at Allen & Rector) to find ways they can make your divorce proceed more smoothly.