If you aren't badly injured, the first thing to do after a motorcycle accident is document everything you can. Whether this includes writing down witness contact information or taking pictures of the damage on your motorcycle, it's essential to act quickly and decisively. While the accident scene is still new, don't forget to take these three pictures with your phone.

Any Visible Cuts And Bruises On Your Skin, No Matter How Minor

Even if you feel little to no pain from a cut or bruise you sustained in the accident, it's still important to document it before it fades away. While a minor injury won't be nearly as important in a compensation claim as a broken arm or shattered rib would, it could still be a factor.

Additionally, minor injuries are great for backing up your story about how the accident happened. If you don't have a picture of a bruised left arm to back up your claim of falling off the left side of your motorcycle, your case won't have much more than your word to back it up.

You might be thinking that a police report will record any minor injuries you sustain so that you don't have to do it. But police reports aren't always that comprehensive. Besides, why rely on a police officer to get everything right when you can just take a picture on your own?

Picture Of The Other Driver and Their License Plate

For all you know, the other driver could book it before the police arrive. While this scenario is unlikely if the driver came out to see you, there's no downside to making it even harder to get away with a hit-and-run.

Any Road Sign Or Landmark Near The Accident Scene

While the police won't usually record an incorrect location for the scene of the accident, it's better to be safe than sorry. Some traffic cases play out differently depending on whether the accident was near a congested exit.

The best way to document the location of a crash is to take a picture with your motorcycle in the foreground and an easily identifiable road sign in the background. If you just take a picture of a road sign without context, you won't be able to establish where you motorcycle was in relation to it.

The worst thing you can do after getting into a motorcycle accident is panic. Instead of trusting in others to do the work of documenting your accident for you, take a few moments to make the most out of the camera in your phone. Talk to a professional like George T. Bochanis Law Offices for more information.