Billionaire Charles Koch thinks the criminal justice system needs to be reformed. This is something that many people around the country probably realize. In some criminal justice courts, the docket is so full that it is difficult to keep up with the steady influx of cases. 

Koch says that the criminal justice system is prosecuting too many nonviolent offenders. He also says that the country has too many laws. The CEO of Koch Industries has vowed to step up his efforts to bring change to the criminal justice system. If his efforts prove effective, this could mean significant changes to how people who are charged with drunk driving crimes are sentenced. 

Immediate Effects of Drunk Driving Stops

One of the main issues of drunk driving charges is that the presumption of "innocent until proven guilty" doesn't seem to apply. When a person is stopped on the suspicion of drunk driving, they automatically are required to comply with requests to do field sobriety tests and chemical tests or they face the consequences of implied consent laws. This can mean that the driver loses the privilege to drive if demands by law enforcement to do the field sobriety test or submit to a chemical test are denied. On top of that, some people might have to endure a license suspension or revocation before ever being convicted of drunk driving.

Harsh Penalties

While it is true that drunk driving can lead to serious accidents, the penalties for some drunk driving charges are harsh. Time in jail, steep fines, license suspensions, and other penalties are possible for some people who are facing the court for the first time for a drunk driving charge. The premise behind the harsh penalties is that people will be less likely to drive drunk if the penalties are steep.

Problems Abound

Even if someone submits to the field sobriety tests or has the chemical test, there is still a potential for problems to occur. In recent news in Kentucky, for example, some cases for DUIs are in jeopardy because of problems with the technicians who administered the Breathalyzer tests. When an officer or technician doesn't perform their job duties properly, even for something as simple as not properly calibrating the equipment, the person pulled over might be the one to suffer.

Long-Term Effects

Anyone who is facing charges in the criminal justice system, even for DUI or DWI, might face employment difficulties in the future. That is another problem that should be addressed. Koch's lead counsel says that former inmates can face problems getting a job because of the questions on job applications. For people who have DUI or DWI convictions, and in some case any drunk driving-related charges that are pending, some jobs are out of question because of driving history requirements.

Until the criminal justice system has penalties that fit the crimes, anyone who is facing charges will have to fight to defend themselves. Seeking help from an experienced DWI lawyer can help defendants to learn their options and protect their interests as they move through the criminal justice system. Lookt at sites like for more information.