If you've been injured in an accident that was not your fault, you need to speak to an attorney. You have the right to receive compensation for those injuries. You might be concerned that your injuries are significant not enough, or you might worry that you're filing a frivolous lawsuit. Don't be, especially if your injuries might require prolonged medical care or leave you with permanent disabilities. Once you've seen some of the frivolous lawsuits that have been filed, you might think differently about your own case. Here are just a few examples of some lawsuits that were frivolously filed.

Bad Fats

In 2003, a man named Stephen Joseph decided that Kraft Foods was negligent in the amount of trans fats that were in their Oreo cookies. He filed a lawsuit against them hoping to get an injunction that would prevent them from selling the cookies to children. Mr. Joseph eventually withdrew his complaint against the cookie manufacturer.

Faulty Seat Belts

Back in 1992, Karen Norman was killed when she plunged her car into the Galveston Bay. Toxicology results showed that she had a blood alcohol level of .17. She was so intoxicated that she was unable to release her seat belt. Her parents sued the auto maker on the grounds that their seat belts were too difficult to release when drunk. Their case was eventually dismissed when the courts found that the seat belts had not played a role in Ms. Norman's death.

No Self Control

Another frivolous lawsuit occurred in 1997, when Robert Lee Brock sued himself. He claimed that his drinking caused him to make bad decisions, which resulted in a prison sentence. He was seeking monetary compensation from himself. However, since he was incarcerated and unable to pay, he wanted the state to pay his settlement. The case was thrown out.

Nudie Whiplash

In 1998, Paul Shimkonis sued his area strip club. He claimed that a stripper with abnormally hard breasts caused him to suffer a whiplash when she struck him in the face with them. According to his lawsuit, the stripper's breasts felt like "cement blocks" hitting him in the head and he wanted $150,000 in compensation. His case was dismissed.

There are many examples of frivolous lawsuits. However, it is not frivolous to file a lawsuit when you are severely injured due to someone else's negligence.  You have the right to seek legal representation from a personal injury attorney for those injuries. If you've been injured, you owe it to yourself and your family to seek the compensation you're entitled to.